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Episode 61 – ‘I Wite The Songs’

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Originally published in May 2013. Transcript Panel 1 Sergeant: We need a new song. Toullie: How about this one? Panel 2 Toullie: We’re two butts passing gas in the ni-i-i-i-ight, We both smell and we say it’s alwi-i-i-i-ight, Panel 3 Toullie: We’re big weears… Panel 4 Toullie: Not a Bawwy Maniwowe fan, huh?

Episode 63 – ‘Fortune’

Episode 63 – ‘Fortune’ published on No Comments on Episode 63 – ‘Fortune’

Transcript Panel 1 Toullie: A penny! Panel 2 Toullie: Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you’ll have good luck. Panel 3 Toullie: It’s twue. Today I found a penny!

Episode 64 – ‘Playtime’

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Transcript Panel 1 Toullie: Sergeant, wet’s pway a game. Panel 2 Sergeant: Okay, how about lazy tag? I’ll be it. Toullie and Sister: Yay! Lazy tag! Panel 3 Toullie: How do we pway? Sergeant: Sister, would you please tag Toullie for me?

Episode 65 – ‘Lullaby’

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Transcript Panel 1 Toullie: Wuvin’ you is easy cause you’re beautiful, Do do do do do doooo… Panel 2 Toullie: MEEOOOOOW! Panel 3 Sister: All done! No more singing!

The Owl And The Pussy-cat

Episode 68 – ‘Lear’

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Transcript Panel 1 Narrator: The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea in a beautiful pea-gween boat… Sergeant: What are you supposed to be? And why am I wearing a dress? Toullie: I’m the Owl and you’re the Pussycat. Panel 2 Narrator: They sailed away, and were mawwied next day by the Turkey who wivs… Continue reading Episode 68 – ‘Lear’

Episode 69 – ‘Botany’

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Transcript Panel 1 Toullie: That’s called a pine twee and those bwown things on the gwound are called pineapples. Panel 2 Sergeant: Those are called pinecones. Toullie: Then what’s a pineapple? Panel 3 Sergeant: They’re fruit…that…um… Panel 4 Sergeant: …that grow on pine trees in Hawaii Toullie: Oh!

Episode 70 – ‘Palindrome’

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I’ve been wanting to write a palindromic episode for a few years but until a few weeks ago I had no idea what it was going to be about. For some reason, a lot of Brudders ideas come to me when I’m in the bathroom. My daughter was brushing her teeth when I noticed that the… Continue reading Episode 70 – ‘Palindrome’