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Episode 24 – ‘Black History Month’

Episode 24 – ‘Black History Month’ published on No Comments on Episode 24 – ‘Black History Month’

Originally published in February 2009


Panel 1

Toullie: In observance of Bwack Histowy Month, we’re pwaying dwess-up. I’m Hawwiet Tubman. After escaping fwom captivity, I wescued over 70 swaves duwing the U.S. Civil War using a secwet network called the Undergwound Wailwoad.

Panel 2

Sergeant: I’m Jackie Robinson. In 1947, I became the first African American Major League baseball player, ending eighty years of baseball segragation. And Sister is…

Panel 3

Sister: RAAWR!

Panel 4

Toullie: I don’t think she gets it.

Sister RAAWR!

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