The story of two cats and their feral sister and how they changed the world. Okay, not really. It's mostly a bunch of poop jokes.

Episode 81 – ‘Hunger’

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This is going to be my last Brudders comic for a while. The strip is going on hiatus so I can catch up on other Little Green Dog projects and to spend more time with Sergeant. Don’t worry–Brudders will be back before you know it. Rough pencil sketch. Cleanup. Transcript Panel 2 Sergeant: Hey! Panel… Continue reading Episode 81 – ‘Hunger’

Episode 82 – ‘Halloween’

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Happy Howl-oween everybody. We’re actually a day late in posting this but it’s Dia De Los Muertos, so it still counts. Okay, maybe not but we still hope you enjoy this episode.

Episode 83 – ‘Patience’

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Today is the day after Election Day, 2016. My 10 year old daughter cried herself to sleep last night and woke up crying this morning. I drew this cartoon to help cheer her up. Transcript Panel 1 Toullie:  Hih-wa-wee. Sister: Hiwee. Panel 2 Toullie: Hiiiiih…waaaa…weeee. Sister: Hiwee! Panel 3 Sergeant: Oh, for crying out loud,… Continue reading Episode 83 – ‘Patience’

Episode 84 – ‘A Day At the Beach’

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It’s an unusually cold, wet and rainy day here in Los Angeles. Seems like a good time for a beach cartoon. Transcript Panel 3 Sergeant: I hate volleyball. Toullie and Sister: Hee, hee, hee…

Episode 85 – ‘Hanukkow’

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I sang ‘Hanukkow’ to Alisa to get her opinion. She pointed out that cows only had four nipples. “Rats,” I thought. “Cow biology messes up the song.” But, no, she just gave me the punchline! Thanks sweetie. Happy Hanukkah from Team Little Green Dog! Transcript Panel 1 Toullie and Sister are dancing and singing: Hanukkow,… Continue reading Episode 85 – ‘Hanukkow’

Brudders by Greenlaw - Episode 86 - 'Context'

Episode 86 – ‘Context’

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Hi. We’re back! Transcript Panel 1 Toullie wakes up, startled. Toullie: Gasp! Panel 2 Toullie (thinking): Did I really hear the ‘F’ word? Panel 3 Toullie (thinking): Yup.