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Brudders by Greenlaw - Episode 86 - 'Context'

Episode 86 – ‘Context’

Episode 86 – ‘Context’ published on No Comments on Episode 86 – ‘Context’
Brudders by Greenlaw - Episode 86 - 'Context'

Hi. We’re back!


Panel 1

Toullie wakes up, startled.

Toullie: Gasp!

Panel 2

Toullie (thinking): Did I really hear the ‘F’ word?

Panel 3

Toullie (thinking): Yup.

Episode 85 – ‘Hanukkow’

Episode 85 – ‘Hanukkow’ published on No Comments on Episode 85 – ‘Hanukkow’

I sang ‘Hanukkow’ to Alisa to get her opinion. She pointed out that cows only had four nipples. “Rats,” I thought. “Cow biology messes up the song.” But, no, she just gave me the punchline! Thanks sweetie.

Happy Hanukkah from Team Little Green Dog!


Panel 1

Toullie and Sister are dancing and singing:

Hanukkow, Hanukkow
Spinning, spinning like a dreidel
Hanukkow, Hanukkow
‘tato latkes, made o’ ‘tato

Panel 2

Hanukkow, Hanukkow
Lights a candle on an udder
Hanukkow, Hankkow
Every night she lights anudder.

Panel 3

Sergeant: Cows have only four nipples you know.

Toullie and Sister stick their tongues out at Sergeant.

Toullie: Hanukkow has eight.

Episode 84 – ‘A Day At the Beach’

Episode 84 – ‘A Day At the Beach’ published on No Comments on Episode 84 – ‘A Day At the Beach’

It’s an unusually cold, wet and rainy day here in Los Angeles. Seems like a good time for a beach cartoon.



Panel 3

Sergeant: I hate volleyball.

Toullie and Sister: Hee, hee, hee…

Episode 79 – ‘Drought’

Episode 79 – ‘Drought’ published on No Comments on Episode 79 – ‘Drought’

We’re now halfway through our fifth year of drought here in southern California. Many of our neighbors have switched to water-wise desert gardens or otherwise let their lawns die out completely. We stopped watering our lawn a couple of years ago but our grass is hanging in there. Sort of.



Panel 1

Toullie: Cawifornia is facing a water cwisis, so wemember…

If it’s yewwow, wet it mewwow,
And if it’s bwown, fwush it down.

Panel 2

Sergeant: In other words…

If it’s pee, let it be,
If it’s poo, down the loo.

Panel 3

Sister: No bath! Yay cwisis!

Episode 78 – ‘Manners’

Episode 78 – ‘Manners’ published on No Comments on Episode 78 – ‘Manners’

Lillian Gish once said: “You can get through life with bad manners, but it’s easier with good manners.” It’s true and you don’t even need to be sincere about it.



Panel 1

Sergeant: Stop!

Panel 2

Sergeant: This is a toilet! You don’t play in it!

Panel 3

Toullie: If it’s called a ‘toy-wet’, why shouldn’t she pway in it?

Sergeant: Because we drink from it, silly.

Episode 77 – ‘Time And Tide’

Episode 77 – ‘Time And Tide’ published on No Comments on Episode 77 – ‘Time And Tide’

Thank goodness potty jokes never go out of style or I would have nothing to write about.



Panel 1

Sister: I need to pee!

Panel 4

Sister: Too late.

Episode 76 – ‘Carmen, Act IV’

Episode 76 – ‘Carmen, Act IV’ published on No Comments on Episode 76 – ‘Carmen, Act IV’

I hope you enjoyed our adaptation of Carmen.

I’d been wanting to adapt Carmen ever since Alisa took me to see the Los Angeles Opera production back in 2008. It was the first time I saw an opera performed live on stage and it made a great impression on me. Eight years later, I finally got around to figuring out how to write and draw these strips.

Here are some of the costume designs.
You may have noticed that the knife doesn’t exist in any of the sketches. It was added as an afterthought. Originally, I didn’t think it was necessary to show the murder weapon but changed my mind the day after I drew the strip.

If you’ve never seen the opera and get a chance to, I highly recommend it. Personally, I’d love to go to another one some day but it’s really just too expensive for me.


Toreador, en garde! Toreador, Toreador!
Et songe bien, oui, songe en combattant
Qu’un oeil noir te regarde,
Et que l’amour t’attend,
Toreador, L’amour t’attend!

Sergeant: You can arrest me. I was the one who killed her! Ah! Carmen! My adored Carmen!

Sister: All done! No more singing!

Episode 75 – ‘Carmen, Act III’

Episode 75 – ‘Carmen, Act III’ published on No Comments on Episode 75 – ‘Carmen, Act III’

Action and romance! If you’ve never seen the original opera, take notes for school because this is the same exact thing. No, really it is!075-Carmen-Act-III-sketch


Panel 1

Sister: I look for Carmen

Panel 2

Sister: Yes.

Panel 3

Toullie: Oh, l’amour! They are fighting over me.

Episode 74 – ‘Carmen, Act II’

Episode 74 – ‘Carmen, Act II’ published on No Comments on Episode 74 – ‘Carmen, Act II’

Continuing our tragic interpretation of Bizet’s opera,



Panel 1

Sister (singing):
To-to-ro roar in ga-a-arden!
To-to-ro ROAR! To-to-ro roar.
Eet sum beenie weenie anna ba-na-na!
Can I know otter ca-a-a-rd?

Panel 2

It gay lemon kitten
Totoro roar,
le-mon ki-it-ten!

Panel 3

To-to-ro roar in ga-a-arden!
To-to-ro ROAR! To-to-ro roar…

Toullie: Sooo…to the secret mountain hide away?

Sergeant: If it’s far away from here, then yes!

Episode 73 – ‘Carmen, Act I’

Episode 73 – ‘Carmen, Act I’ published on No Comments on Episode 73 – ‘Carmen, Act I’

Beginning a four part adaptation of the famous opera by Georges Bizet.

073-Carmen-Act-I-sketchA 073-Carmen-Act-I-sketchB


Panel 1

Toullie (singing):

L’amour est enfant de bohème; 
il n’a jamais, jamais, connu de loi. 
Si tu ne m’aimes pas, je t’aime, 

et si je t’aime, prends garde à toi!

Panel 2

Toullie: Prends garde à toi!

Sergeant: Hey!

Panel 3

Sister: Bad kitty!

Toullie: If you wet me go, Don Jose, I will give you a kiss!

Panel 4

Sergeant: I’m ignooooring you!

Toullie: Fine, I’ll kiss you anyway!

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