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Episode 85 ‘Hanukkow’

Episode 85 ‘Hanukkow’ published on No Comments on Episode 85 ‘Hanukkow’

I sang ‘Hanukkow’ to Alisa to get her opinion. She pointed out that cows only had four nipples. “Rats,” I thought. “Cow biology messes up the song.” But, no, she just gave me the punchline! Thanks sweetie.

Happy Hanukkah from Team Little Green Dog!


Panel 1

Toullie and Sister are dancing and singing:

Hanukkow, Hanukkow
Spinning, spinning like a dreidel
Hanukkow, Hanukkow
‘tato latkes, made o’ ‘tato

Panel 2

Hanukkow, Hanukkow
Lights a candle on an udder
Hanukkow, Hankkow
Every night she lights anudder.

Panel 3

Sergeant: Cows have only four nipples you know.

Toullie and Sister stick their tongues out at Sergeant.

Toullie: Hanukkow has eight.

Episode 81 – ‘Hunger’

Episode 81 – ‘Hunger’ published on No Comments on Episode 81 – ‘Hunger’

This is going to be my last Brudders comic for a while. The strip is going on hiatus so I can catch up on other Little Green Dog projects and to spend more time with Sergeant. Don’t worry–Brudders will be back before you know it.


Rough pencil sketch.





Panel 2

Sergeant: Hey!

Panel 3

Sister: Hisss!

Episode 80 – ‘Diagnosis’

Episode 80 – ‘Diagnosis’ published on No Comments on Episode 80 – ‘Diagnosis’


This is why one must know his onions.

Actually,  I only just heard this phrase for the first time recently. It’s good advice if you have cats.


Panel 1

Toullie: Sergent, did you know that if you eat an onion, you’re pee smells like an onion?

Panel 2

Sergeant: Toullie! Onions are poisonous to cats!

Panel 3

Toullie: 911? My sister ate an onion!

Episode 72 – ‘Ramen’

Episode 72 – ‘Ramen’ published on No Comments on Episode 72 – ‘Ramen’

The concept sketch for this one was interesting because of the location where I doodled it. According to the note, I got this idea while I was wandering around Mosaic Canyon in Death Valley last winter. Not sure why I was thinking of ramen noodles at the time. Maybe because I was freezing my butt off out there?


Here’s the sketch version of the comic.


Episode 60 – ‘Bagel’

Episode 60 – ‘Bagel’ published on No Comments on Episode 60 – ‘Bagel’

Originally published in August 2012.


Panel 1

Sister: Bagel?

Sergeant: That’s not a bagel. It’s a biscuit.

Panel 2

SFX: Suck suck

Panel 3

SFX: Squish

Panel 4

Sister: Bagel!

Episode 57 – ‘Opinions’

Episode 57 – ‘Opinions’ published on No Comments on Episode 57 – ‘Opinions’

Originally published in July 2012.


Panel 1

V.O.: Do you like 3D movies?

Sergeant: No. My life is not so uninteresting that I want stuff expoloding in my face every two minutes.

Panel 2

V.O.: Do you recycle?

Toullie: It would be wasteful to wide a bicycle only once.

Panel 3

V.O.: How do you feel about the presidential candidates?

Sister: Pwesents and candy, yay!

Episode 56 – ‘Refreshment’

Episode 56 – ‘Refreshment’ published on No Comments on Episode 56 – ‘Refreshment’

Originally published in January 2012.


Panel 1

Sergeant: What is that?

Panel 2

Toullie: A fwozen hotdog.

Panel 3

Toullie: It’s wike eating a meatsicle.

Episode 37 – ‘Birthday’

Episode 37 – ‘Birthday’ published on No Comments on Episode 37 – ‘Birthday’

Originally published in November 2009.


Panel 1

Sergeant and Toullie:

…Happy Birthday dear Sister,
Happy Birthday to you!

Panel 3

Sergeant: Well now, this can’t be good.

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