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Episode 72 – ‘Ramen’

Episode 72 – ‘Ramen’ published on No Comments on Episode 72 – ‘Ramen’

I thought the concept sketch for this one was interesting because of the location where I doodled it. According to the note, I got this idea while I was wandering around Mosaic Canyon in Death Valley last winter. Not sure why I was thinking of ramen noodles at the time. Maybe because I was freezing my butt off out there?


Here’s the sketch version of the comic.


Episode 31 – ‘Renshu’

Episode 31 – ‘Renshu’ published on No Comments on Episode 31 – ‘Renshu’

When I drew this strip, Alisa and I were taking Taiko lessons. It’s a great workout and, yes, it’s every bit as much fun as it looks.

Originally published in August 2009.


Panel 4

Toullie: Y’know, I weawwy wike pwaying dwums.

Sergeant: I just like to hit things.

Episode 6 – ‘Flakes’

Episode 6 – ‘Flakes’ published on No Comments on Episode 6 – ‘Flakes’

Originally published in July 2008.


Panel 1

Sergeant: What are you eating?

Panel 2

Toullie: Boney toe fwakes. Want some?

Panel 3

Sergeant: Ew! Good god, Toullie! That’s disgusting!

Panel 4

Toullie: Fine. More for me then.