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Episode 57 – ‘Opinions’

Episode 57 – ‘Opinions’ published on No Comments on Episode 57 – ‘Opinions’

Originally published in July 2012.


Panel 1

V.O.: Do you like 3D movies?

Sergeant: No. My life is not so uninteresting that I want stuff expoloding in my face every two minutes.

Panel 2

V.O.: Do you recycle?

Toullie: It would be wasteful to wide a bicycle only once.

Panel 3

V.O.: How do you feel about the presidential candidates?

Sister: Pwesents and candy, yay!

Episode 54 – ‘Star Snores’

Episode 54 – ‘Star Snores’ published on No Comments on Episode 54 – ‘Star Snores’

Originally published in June 2011.


Panel 1

V.O.: All wings report in!

Sergeant: Red seven standing by.

Panel 2

Toullie: Wed Tou standing by.

Panel 3

Sister: …zzz…

Panel 4

Toullie: Well, it is past her bedtime.