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Episode 22 – “Inauguration Day”

Episode 22 – “Inauguration Day” published on No Comments on Episode 22 – “Inauguration Day”

Originally published on January 18, 2009.


Panel 1

Toullie: Who’s your mamaa?

Panel 2

Bawack Obamaaaa!

Panel 4

Sister: Hoo mamaaa?

Sergeant: Heard it.

Episode 7 – ‘Relativity’

Episode 7 – ‘Relativity’ published on No Comments on Episode 7 – ‘Relativity’

Originally published in July 2008.


Panel 1

Toullie: Guess what Sergeant. I’m your big widdle bwudder, and you’re my widdle big bwudder.

Panel 2

Sergeant: Yup.

Panel 3

Toullie: That makes sister our big widdle sister.

Sergeant: Uh, okay.

Panel 4

Toullie: And that makes you her widdle widdle big bwudder and I’m her widdle big big bwu…

Sergeant: Stop it!

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